• Service: Audit, Advisory, Tax
  • Industry: Financial Services, Fund Management
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Survey report
  • Date: 9/17/2012


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The Perfect UCITS 

When we launched our Perfect UCITS survey in April 2012, we knew that the release of the European Commission UCITS V proposal was imminent (issued on 3 July 2012) and that the Commission had the groundwork well underway for a separate and more extensive review of the UCITS framework.
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In this context we at the KPMG Investment Management Practice decided to reach out to a group of leading UCITS investment managers to gain an understanding of their essential ingredients for what we call the ‘Perfect UCITS’ framework.


In this report we have articulated and described the main views of the group of UCITS investment managers who participated in our research and the headline messages in this chapter outline our key findings.

The Commission has moved quickly on the UCITS review and launched a wide-ranging UCITS Consultation on 26 July 2012.


We believe that our report makes a timely and valuable contribution to this consultation and to the overall debate on the future evolution of the UCITS framework.