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  • Date: 2/15/2013

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Love is not enough 

Fundraising bake sale at KPMG for Alupse Asbl.

Luxembourg, 14th February 2013 - Valentine’s Day … the day of love. Outside it’s still covered in snow while inside it’s warm in the hearts. KPMG has decided to dedicate this day of love to a special day for fundraising to support our Staff Selected Charity: Alupse-Bébé.


Alupse” is an organization which works in cooperation with the Kannerklinik (children’s hospital) in Strassen to identify situations where families, most often single mothers, have difficulties coping with their children, but where the social services have not yet been fully called in to take the children into state care and away from their families.


Following last year’s success, KPMG held its second edition St Valentine’s day Fundraising event, Season 2’s “LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH’ - this slogan took it’s inspiration from a famous spy movie. Preparation started early, from the elaboration of the campaign to the actual selling day itself.


Finally came the big day which started early morning. Mhmmm... Home made chocolate, biscuits, Lollipops. Delicious and - can you believe it - over 700 bags of chocolate and cupcakes, hearts and cakes waiting to be sold and eaten with the decoration both inspired and creative. A real sight for sore eyes and delight for the belly. Volunteers used every selling skill/technique you can imagine to get as many participants involved to raise funds.


There is nothing more valuable than people - who know or who do not yet know each-other - coming together to cooperate for a good cause. Below a few impressions from our volunteers and participants:


The charity event was great. More than 90% of the firm participated in the campaign, meaning that people do really care for the association. Almost all of the cakes and biscuits baked by our employees were bought within hours by staff and partners. We also had great fun in participating as volunteers. Definitely a great experience” Gabriela


Pastries made with Love…What a nice and sweet moment when I saw the volunteers in the corridor with those colored and “attractive” cakes. Could not resist buying more than one – my preferred ones are the pink ones. I hope that a lot of people had “plenty of love” for this special event, it is so nice to see a smile on a child’s face” Anna


All in all, our volunteers managed to raise approximately 4,000 EUR thanks to their enthusiasm, creativity and commitment……let’s share a little of this love with the families and children in need. 


German version available here (PDF, 44 KB)



Published on (14.02.13)


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