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  • Date: 3/29/2013

K-Start:The “KPMG Kick-off Package” 

A free-of-charge package of services from KPMG (up to an average of 100 hours) aimed at helping entrepreneurs in priority sectors launch new projects that are supported by KPMG, whether for a new or existing business.

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KPMG Luxembourg has a team of more than 400 people dedicated to commercial, industrial, and service companies. This team can give you the benefit of their experience in your specific sector and across the various functions operating within your business (finance, project management, IT, tax, ...). By leveraging the skills and experience of our team, we are well-positioned to respond to your needs.

Eco Technologies • Intellectual Property

Bio • Healthcare • Pharma

Logistics • Shipping

Technologies, Media and Telecommunications


Other sectors : Automotive, Energy & Natural Resources, Consumer Markets, Industrial products, ...


For more information, please contact :

KPMG Luxembourg S.à r.l.

9, allée Scheffer

L-2520 Luxembourg

T: + 352 22 51 51 1

F: + 352 22 51 71



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