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  • Date: 11/12/2013


Sandrine Périot
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Is your counterparty a counterparty of choice? 

With the continuing trend for regulators and consumers to hold companies accountable for the actions of their third-parties, organizations cannot afford to not do their due diligence.  Failure to adequately evaluate clients, vendors, agents and business partners and to know how they operate can expose organizations to reputational damage, operational risk, government investigations, financial penalties and potential criminal liability.
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Astrus, KPMG’s proprietary research technology, is a due diligence tool that provides a robust and cost efficient way to obtain information and assess risks associated with your customers, agents and counterparties.

Astrus covers an extensive range of on-line public data sources, including global sanctions and regulatory enforcement lists, corporate records, court filings, and press and media archives.

Astrus is designed to meet the needs of a risk based approach to managing corruption, anti-trust, money laundering, export control, fraud, terrorism and other reputational risks.

Important integrity and reputational information on subjects is identified and interpreted by dedicated KPMG analysts to assess reputational, regulatory and jurisdictional risk on a global basis.


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