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  • Date: 3/4/2014


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Global VAT Recovery Services 

A new approach to VAT Recovery


Companies are often entitled to recover the VAT paid on certain types of business expenses (“T&Es”) and purchases of goods and services in European countries where they are neither established nor VAT registered.  However, every year, it is estimated that large amounts of recoverable foreign VAT are left unclaimed. Why? In many cases the process is perceived as too complex and administratively burdensome, but often it is simply because companies are unaware of the extent of the recoverable VAT, especially the VAT incurred on T&Es.

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Using a unique combination of data analytics and automated process, KPMG Luxembourg can help your company identify the VAT refund opportunities in the EU and claim back this VAT. 


To start recovering VAT, contact one of our professionals listed on this page.


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