• Industry: Financial Services, Banking
  • Date: 3/5/2013

Evolving Banking Regulation 2013 

In previous years KPMG has provided a global overview of regulatory reforms and their impacts on the banking sector. The pace of regulatory change and implementation now varies significantly across the world, bringing with it unique challenges. This year’s regional editions highlight these challenges, alongside a snapshot of global regulatory activity and what it means for banking, in 2013 and beyond.


Based on deep insight from our financial services experts, our report considers the current raft of regulatory reform in its widest possible global context. It provides a comprehensive and up to date analysis of how the current reform is reshaping the way banks work. And it offers a truly unique comparison of the differing regulatory pressures faced by banks within the EU, US and Asia Pacific regions.

Banking Regulation 2013

Evolving Banking Regulation - Europe, Middle East and Africa Edition 2013 (PDF 2.8 MB)


The strategic and operational challenges facing European banks have never been greater and regulatory reform is perhaps the biggest driver of change. This regional report looks at how banks can move from tackling each policy individually to a more thematic approach, one that enables effective planning and change management.


Evolving Banking Regulation - Asia Pacific Edition  2013 (PDF 2.41 MB)


It is clear that banks’ business models are being impacted by regulation – and in Asia this is becoming increasingly so. This report looks at the different stages of regulation development in the region, what issues are arising and what we think the banks should be doing.

Banking Regulation 2012

Capital and funding strategies
Systematic risk
Recovery and resolution plan
Changes to supervision and reporting
Governance and remuneration
customer protection

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To learn more about the regional implications of regulation and read our regulatory pressure index download the full report.