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  • Industry: Financial Services, Fund Management, CC&S
  • Type: Publication series, Survey report
  • Date: 5/15/2013


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European Responsible Investing Fund Survey - 2013 

This second edition of the European Responsible Investing Fund Survey, commissioned by ALFI gives a snap shot of the European Responsible Investing Fund universe as at 31 December 2012, including the size of the market, category of investments and the domicile of such funds. It also highlights some key trends and discusses the necessary challenges that the RI industry will have to address to grow from a niche market to a mainstream investment philosophy.

With investors progressively becoming more demanding, the focus on ESG matters and well-implemented responsible investment processes is likely to continue to increase. A series of new challenges are developing, among the most important ones:

  • Proving the effectiveness of integration of ESG issues throughout the investment lifecycle and across investment teams;

  • Effectively using ESG research as a material element to the investment decision process and not as an optional decision tool;

  • Aligning ESG strategies and products to the level of sophistication of each type of investor;

  • Increasing the accuracy, reliability and credibility of the reporting to investors.

This study, commissioned by ALFI, is of paramount importance in order to obtain an overall view of the RI industry in all its diversity and to understand the key trends and evolutions that will shape the future.



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2015 version of the survey will be realeased on 24 March 2015.