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Luxembourg: Platform for Business 2012

In today’s global world, it is important for companies that operate internationally to assess the attractiveness of countries or markets ...
Modified date: 5/13/2014
Publication series

Corporate & Indirect Tax Survey 2011

Our 2011 survey of the world’s corporate and indirect tax rates continues the story told in earlier years.
Modified date: 1/30/2014
Survey report

Consolidation requirements in Luxembourg

Consolidation requirements in Luxembourg.
Modified date: 4/4/2013
Business and industry issue; Publication series

KPMG's Corporate and Indirect Tax Rate Survey 2009

KPMG's Corporate and Indirect Tax Rate Survey 2009
Modified date: 3/20/2013
Publication series; Survey report

Main tax aspects of holding companies in Luxembourg

Luxembourg remains attractive for holding companies for reasons beyond its tax regime.
Modified date: 7/18/2012
Business and industry issue

Luxembourg: A tailor-made IP location

Luxembourg: A tailor-made IP location
Modified date: 1/25/2012
Business and industry issue

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