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Why valuation must continue to evolve - by Yves Courtois

Why valuation must continue to evolve - by Yves Courtois, CFA
Modified date: 11/13/2013
Business and industry issue; Press release

European Real Snapshot / Autumn 2013

KPMG European Real SnapShot - Autumn 2013. The overview of the latest developments in the real estate markets in Europe.
Modified date: 10/17/2013
Business and industry issue; Survey report

Restructuring: Tailored Advisory for the Luxembourg Financial Sector

Restructuring: Tailored Advisory for the Luxembourg Financial Sector
Modified date: 8/9/2013
Business and industry issue; Case study; KPMG information; White paper

Joint Ventures - tool for growth during an economic downturn

Do joint ventures offer an opportunity for expansion in these difficult times? KPMG's Advisory practice thinks they can.
Modified date: 7/18/2012
Survey report

Transport Perspectives - June/July 2012

Regular Newsletter containing topical articles for the transport industry.
Modified date: 6/11/2012
Regulatory update

Green Power 2011

This report is KPMG’s annual review of MA activity within the renewable energy sector
Modified date: 4/23/2012
Business and industry issue

Smarter separation

Smart sell-side separation planning could enhance your realized deal value by as much as 30 percent.
Modified date: 2/20/2012
Business and industry issue

The importance of preserving cash in a downturn

The effects of the credit crunch on working capital have been wide-ranging and severe, leaving CFOs scrambling to respond.
Modified date: 1/11/2012
Business and industry issue

All to play - Striving for post deal success

This is the fifth of a bi-annual survey which plots the development of the M&A market over the last 10 years.
Modified date: 11/14/2011
Business and industry issue

Improved forecasting within the valuations process

Company forecasts have long been a part of the valuations process.
Modified date: 11/3/2011
Press release
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