Tax tools & resources 

As more organizations operate across borders, the following global tax tools and resources will help you gain a global perspective and keep you up-to-date with the latest global tax developments.

Tax news & e-alerts

Tax News & e-alerts 

Luxembourg tax newsletters & e-alerts. 


Luxembourg tax treaty network

World Map 

Luxembourg has bilateral tax treaties with all EU Member States and with a number of other countries, including almost all OECD Member States. This network of tax treaties is constantly being expanded.

Tax rates online


The online rates tool allows you to compare (the highest) corporate, indirect and individual income tax rates within a particular country or a particular tax type across multiple countries.

Tax rates online 

Investment Protection Treaties concluded by the Belgo-Luxembourg Economic Union (BLEU – UEBL).


Country News and VAT/GST essential 

Essential information regarding VAT/GST as it applies in various countries.


Taxnews banner 

KPMG’s TaxNewsFlash series provides a summary of the latest tax developments being reported by KPMG firms from around the globe.


KPMG Glow Track 

KPMG GloW Track is a new Global Withholding Tax web application which can offer simple, user-friendly, and crucially, reliable information on operational withholding and transaction taxes on cross-border portfolio investments.