KPMG Alumni Get-together 2010 

A Million Reasons to Meet

With an aim of raising a million rupees for an identified charity, the alumni of KPMG met at an event titled “A Million Reasons to Meet”. In line with KPMG’s Corporate Citizenship goals, the alumni was determined to act as responsible corporate citizens in the interests of wider society and support KPMG’s goals.


This year’s alumni get–together featured the promotion of Corporate Citizenship by encouraging the alumni to participate in the project supported by KPMG, related to the establishment of a library for the Learning and Empowerment Institute of the North Development Project in Mankulam together with the Foundation of Goodness. The Foundation of Goodness has planned a “Learning and Development Institute” in the northern region of Sri Lanka. KPMG, who partnered with the Foundation of Goodness in the development of the Southern town of Seenigama thought this was a great opportunity for the Alumni to become a part of the commitment to improve the lives of people in rural communities affected by disasters.


Commenting on the event Alumni network coordinating partner for KPMG, Suren Rajakarier said; “We are delighted at the strength of our Alumni network and are glad to see so many of our members at the event. The decision to use this year’s event to focus on a worthy cause is inspiring and sets a good example of how we can support our communities. We are happy that our alumni have decided to give their time to make a positive impact on society and support our Corporate Citizenship goals.”


The attendance at the get–together exceeded 300 ex–KPMG professionals; now leading business/ finance operations in Sri Lanka and other service providers. The president of the KPMG Alumni Association Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Governor of the Central Bank and Trustees of the Foundation of Goodness Messrs Kushil Gunasekera and Chaminda Vaas enjoyed the company of KPMG Partners and their friends. The event was also supported by Principal sponsors ACCA and Bartleet TransCapital Limited and an Associate sponsor; Saatchi & Saatchi.


Senior National Partner KPMG Nirmal Fernando and Suren Rajakarier, KPMG Partner - Alumni and CSR with Kushil Gunasekara and his team from the Foundation of Goodness with their project map.

A. Jeyaranjan, Nihal Gooneratne, Nihal Rodrigo and Y S De Zoysa


Nandika Buddhipala - Past President ACCA in the ACCA Principal Sponsor's booth


Nirmal Fernando, Chaminda Vaas, Kushil Gunasekara, Indrajith Fernando, Premila Perera, Suren Rajakarier and Yohan Perera



Bertal P Jayawardena, Suren Rajakarier, Joe Soosaithasen, Rohitha De Costa, Dilip Motha and Sriyan Cooray with Ravi Karunanayake


Mukhlis Ismail, Roshen Perera awarding the winner Chamila Cooray the first prize by the principal sponsor Bartleet Transcapital Company Limited.


Chrishni, Shirley, Chumani, Karthiga and Thakshila

Reyaz Mihular, G C B Wijesinghe and Rajan Asirwatham


Chandimal's entertainment outfit



T K Bandaranayake, Nihal Rodrigo and Mahendra Jayasekera


Preethi Soosaithasan, Ranjan Seevaratnam, Timothy Speldewinde, Chris Parakrama and Gahath Pandithage


Ex-KPMG Collegues with Suren Rajakarier


Nilangani, Deshapriya, Eeshani, Chamila and Himali


Ajith Nivard Cabraal - President KPMG FRT Alumni Association, G C B Wijesinghe and Rajan Asirwatham, Former Senior Partners of KPMG, Nirmal Fernando with P R Saldin, G B Wickramanayake, Sega Nagendra and Ajit Jayaratne.