Fund Accounting Services 

Samjong KPMG AAS Inc., registered as a general management office in the Financial Supervisory Service, is specialized for PEF, REF, REITs, SPC and collective investment schemes to provide financial statements preparation services for investment trust, tax advisory services related to funds, and preparation of IFRS financial statements for foreign investors.


Kim Ui Sung


Kim, Ui Sung 


+82 2 2112 7911

Our specialized fund accounting  and  administration services are appropriate for each fund.

Not only general office management services but also collective supporting services to operate funds are provided.


Tax advisory services related to funds  such as registration with the  FSS are provided.

At the request of various stakeholders, we build fund accounting information systems, prepare IFRS financial statements, and provide advisory services related to tax exemption plans.


We are looking for wonderful people to help lead us into the future.