The importance of valuation has been rising since it has been utilized in many fields and thus the need for valuation service of corporations is continuously increasing. Each corporation should evaluate its assets and liabilities based on the fair value which is the present value. The valuation is considered a very important issue among many corporations.


Son Ho Seung

Son, Ho Seung


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Samjong KPMG possesses a Valuation Service Group consisting of valuation professionals, each of whom belongs to a different department of  Samjong KPMG.
The Valuation Service Group provides services in the overall area of M&A, Insolvent Enterprise, Real Estate, Financial Product, IFRS, Insurance Contract, and Retirement Pension.
Broad Range of Services
Samjong KPMG has a wide spectrum of valuation service from whole corporation valuation to detailed individual valuation such as Share Valuation, Stock Valuation, Tangible and Intangible Assets Valuation, Financial Product Valuation, and Employee Salary Valuation.

Also, IFRS Phase-in  of securities, Intangible assets, Business Rights, and Brand Value valuation services are offered.
By providing Tax service regarding valuation service we deliver a superb quality of valuation service.


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