Currently all public corporations must follow IFRS. Samjong KPMG Actuaries Inc. consists of actuarial  pension analysts who have  outstanding expertise and experience in those fields. Samjong KPMG Actuaries Inc. offers Retirement and Employee Wage Services based on IFRS.



Han, Eun Sup 


+82 2 2112 6820


PAR (Pension Actuarial Reporting) is the system produced by Samjong KPMG Actuaries Inc. which makes it possible for clients to perform Retirement Finance verification, IFRS phase in Trial  Diagnosis,  Employee Wage Assessment , and Actuarial Report preparation on their own.

Retirement  Pension service by PAR system does the following:

  • Estimated Retirement Annuity Diagnosis
  • Validation of base data
  • Retirement Pension Base Rate (including Retirement Rate, Salary Increased Rate, Discount Rate) calculation 
  • DBO (Defined Benefit Obligation) calculation  
  •  Pension Actuarial Report based on IFRS- IAS19 preparation


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