FRPA | (Financial Reporting Process Advisory) 

Samjong KPMG provides phase III IFRS services, which include implementation of an optimized financial accounting process, stabilization of the process through establishment of framework, and support for dual closing process under KGAAP and IFRS.


Hur Se Bong


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Samjong KPMG provides assessment of key areas in the financial reporting process, such as the process, organizational structure and IT system. Based on the assessment, Samjong KPMG identifies key areas for potential improvements and provides a specific implementation plan for each to achieve a shortened financial reporting process and improved quality of financial reporting. 


The following are key benefits provided

  • Closing / Financial Reporting Quality Improvement, Back-office cost reduction.
  • Establishment of roles and responsibilities between financial, operational sectors or affiliates.
  • Elimination of bottlenecks of  Management Information  reporting according to the expansion of globalization.
  • Minimize the allocation of resource at financial closing, maximize the creation of value-added information.



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