Accounting Advisory Services 


Samjong KPMG’s Accounting Advisory professionals work with our firms' clients to help them achieve compliance, advising on how they might organize their financial reporting processes and helping ensure that accounting operations match the objectives of the business.


We help our clients on a range of important matters that have significant accounting ramifications, including converting to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), initial public offerings, merger and acquisition activity, cross-border transactions, improving the speed and quality of financial reporting (Quality Close) and improvements in the financial reporting process chain.


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IFRS Conversion Service / Global Conversion Service
Samjong KPMG can help you understand how the changes in the standards affect your financial statements and assist you in making the complex accounting policy decisions required. But moreover, we see the implementation of new standards as more than an accounting exercise. Our multi-disciplinary approach seeks to translate the accounting impacts into tangible actions to deliver the required changes to your company’s systems, processes, people and also to the wider business.
Whether you are converting to IFRS for the first time, or just starting to assess the impact of changes to your existing IFRS or local GAAP standards, Samjong KPMG’s Accounting Advisory Services offers our firms’ clients a well established and flexible approach. Our methodology to adopt accounting change groups all activities into four manageable phases.


Quality Close/ Financial Reporting Process Advisory
In the face of rising stakeholder expectations and of regulations, companies have to produce reports more rapidly and with higher data quality. Therefore the complexity of financial reporting has steadily increased over the last years.
Accounting Advisory Services (AAS) supports Samjong KPMG’s clients in enhancing the data quality, shortening the period for preparing financial statements and simplifying the process flows and valuation methods


Accounting  Support
As accounting standards and financial reporting systems become more complex and accounting standards are frequently newly issued and amended, it is getting more difficult for corporations to maintain expertise in accounting and financial reporting on their own.  Specifically, KPMG provides accounting advice related to business combinations that require highly specialized expertise areas. Our team has a number of specialized professionals in K-IFRS and U.S. GAAP, providing accounting advice and training on the various technical issues that a company may encounter.


IPO Reporting Advisory
For a growing company, IPO is an important milestone which is the driving force that may propel a company to jump a step further. KPMG provides IPO readiness assessment service which considers a long-term improvement plan through the requirements of capital markets, corporate governance and financial capability. KPMG also assists with preparation of historical financial information, Pro-forma information, and the financial information required by the relevant authorities. KPMG can provide clients with a coordinated, global response via specialists from Corporate Finance, Accounting Advisory Services, Business Performance Services, Financial Risk Management, IT Advisory, Transaction Services and Tax.



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