Public Service 

KPMG’s Public Service department provides strategy, process, HR/organization, and system development) for public institutions.
We are recognized for our understanding of public service characteristics and proposing the most practical solutions, as a professional organization that contributes in development of national policies.





Master Plans for policies of public institutions & BPR/ISP services
Master plan and BPR/ISP services provide political solutions for various issues that deal with enterprise/business strategies, redesign of the business process, HR/organization and improvement of operation & the business system of public institutes; and proposes concrete detailed action plans that includes a business and budget plan.


Business Strategies and PI Service for Construction Industry


Ubiquitous City (U-City) strategic planning and implementation services


IT Convergence Technology-based Mobile Services Business

 Various smart phone based IT technologies, such as  RFID, GPS, AR (augmented reality)  are put together  to develop new service models. We provide services such as informational strategic planning (ISP), Return on investment analysis (ROI), and marketing strategy planning (MSP) services to maximize the value of companies. Based upon these services, we build  the foundation  for substantial mobile service.



We are looking for wonderful people to help lead us into the future.