Information Risk Management 

KPMG provides IT audit services, comprehensive ERP services  Based on IFRS system evaluation, implementation, and consulting, KPMG seeks to provide industries with reliable IFRS based reporting. Also, the enlarged scope of services in ERP system is backed up by SCM and FCM consulting.


Jang Bong Rae


Jang, Bong Rae 


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IRM(IFRS System Consulting)
By providing a variety of services in IFRS system planning, IFRS system implementation, and evaluation of IFRS system, KPMG aids organizations to establish reliable IFRS based reporting. Also, in foreign sectors, KPMG provides consulting services in implementation of an ERP based IFRS system.


IRM(SCM Consulting/FCM Consulting/ERP Assessment)
With SCM and FCM consulting, KPMG provides an enlarged scope of services such as the administration of distribution and operating funds management. In addition, ERP assessment suggests strategies to improve an ERP system by analyzing an industry’s current problem(s) and the current level of the system.


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