Through a global network of professionals focused on serving manufacturing companies, Samjong KPMG provides industry specific strategies and support to clients. Client relationships are of fundamental importance and we can deliver value for stakeholders through our understanding of the complex issues they face.



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These include:


  • Margins being squeezed due to global competition and the growth of real-time supply strategies
  • An increasingly powerful customer base
  • Smart sourcing and aiming to ensure supply capacity is increased or re-located
  • New risks and opportunities from changing operating and financial structures
  • Increased investment required in technology, processes and people to bring new product and services to market
  • Increased regulatory pressures and the associated increased risk of non-compliance.


We are continually investing in the sector, developing intellectual capital and driving thought leadership: through our work with public and private research institutions and networks. Through this sector led approach we provide customized industry-focused advice from our assurance, tax and financial advisory practices.


Samjong KPMG’s assurance, tax and financial practices, with its infra based on work with public and private research institutions and networks, constitutes customized industry-focused service.


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