Community Programs  

An enterprise does business by creating markets and using a workforce in a local community. Many activities of an enterprise for sound development of a local community should be interpreted as long-term investments in the society and social returns rather than dispensation.


Samjong KPMG cooperates with various social welfare organizations from grassroots organizations such as child care services to an international organization such as the Red Cross Society and banded together with those organizations. Executives to staff members are willing to participate in various programs to make a better community.


Choi, Heui Jin


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Sponsored the hero of ‘Accompany’, a documentary program by KBS 1TV 
We give refreshing powers and courage to our neighbors in need by sponsoring the hero of ‘Accompany’, a human documentary program that covers cases of lives of the needs in our society.
The aid project for the campaign of organ donation of love
We actively campaign to share love for those suffering from illness by helping with a free kitchen for the sick under kidney dialysis, voluntary service providing delicious food, and regular delivery of our donations.
Periodic blood donation by executives and staff members
We sponsor the blood donation drive run  by the Korea Red Cross, and practice our love for humanity by an agreement to donate blood from all members of our company.


Activities Sponsoring the disabled
We feel and share the pain of disability by periodically sponsoring ‘the House of sharing of love’, a daycare center for the handicapped, and ‘the House of Raphael’, a daycare center for disabled children.
Beautiful Insurance
‘Beautiful insurance’, conducted by ‘Beautiful foundation’ is a part of an inheritance donation. Through this insurance, we can practice our giving not only in our living years, but also posthumously by donating received death benefit to ‘Beautiful foundation’. Currently, many employees in Samjong KPMG are members of this foundation, planning on contributing posthumously.



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