KPMG Hotline(Ethics and Compliance Hotline) 

The Samjong KPMG Hotline is a vehicle for Samjong KPMG partners, employees, clients and other parties to confidentially report concerns they have relating to certain areas of activity by Samjong KPMG itself, its employees or the senior leadership of a Samjong KPMG. Further information is given below on when and how to use the Hotline, and on how your report will be dealt with.

When to use the KPMG Hotline(Ethics and Compliance Hotline)


Reports made to this Hotline should only be in relation to the following: 

    • Accounting

    • Internal accounting controls

    • Auditing

    • Banking crime

    • Financial crime

    • Anti-bribery

In addition, it can be used for reporting instances where either personnel of Samjong KPMG are felt not to comply with professional, regulatory or legal obligations. In particular we encourage reporting of such issues using this Hotline if:

    • it relates to Samjong KPMG itself or its employees

    • it concerns senior leadership of Samjong KPMG


How to make a report


1. Korea

    • Tel : +82 2 2112-0370

    • Fax : +82 2 2112-3570 
    • E-Mail : kr-fmhotline@kr.kpmg.com
    • Reporting via surface mail to the following address:
      KPMG Hotline(Ethics and Compliance Hotline) Center

     10th Floor, Gangnam Finance Center, 152, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 135-984 


The KPMG Hotline(Ethics and Compliance Hotline) operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is run by an independent, third-party provider to help preserve anonymity. Regardless of how a report is made, KPMG prohibits retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports a possible violation or who participates in an investigation, even if sufficient evidence is not found to substantiate the concern. KPMG will take appropriate action against any individual determined to be engaging in retaliatory conduct.