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Samjong KPMG Economic Research Institute publishes various books and periodicals on economy and industry study, and also frequently provides diverse types of reports.

ERI Books

 ERI Book Great Development of Korea Inc. Begins

Economic/management publication issued by Samjong KPMG Economic Research Institute carries a message ‘Great growth by exceeding expectation

 ERI Book

Healthcare War

Samjong KPMG Healthcare Group published economic/management publication “Healthcare War-Future of New Growth Healthcare Market.”


 SAMJONG Insight SAMJONG Insight #33
“Samjong Insight 33” presents Current regulatory challenges for the investment management industry on a national and global level and analyzes the strategy for the success of the sector.
 SAMJONG Insight SAMJONG Insight #32
“Samjong Insight 32” identifies global ten sustainability megaforces which may impact businesses and industries over the next two decades and introduces an innovative manufacturing business model for sustainable growth.

Issues Monitor

 Issues Monitor Company’s future value creation through Big data Analysis
KPMG Korea researched how global firms utilize big data to create new business and to improve their business with several business cases. 
  Future strategy for Pharmaceutical Industry
The report further explains on potential challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical companies in the future.


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