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As the pace of business accelerates, the impact of increased global competition, new technologies, changing regulations and consumer pressures, presents food and drink manufacturers with a stream of challenges which consist of obtaining cost efficiencies in supply chains and overheads to maintain cost margins; investment and improvement in new product development to better support organic growth, often attributed in this sector to failure and consolidation and international expansion to help drive growth.


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Other challenges facing the industry include:


Extending information technology beyond the supply chain to increase

competitive advantages


Shifting balance of power to retailers, who are driving price reductions and making increasing demands for promotional support and higher levels of service


Increased competition for smaller companies in an environment where scale can help ease many competitive, legislative, and reputational pressures


Maintaining consumer loyalty by achieving returns from ever-increasing promotional budgets and consumer demands for quality, choice and convenience


Preserving reputations as investors and consumer demand for non-financial information increases


Growing concern around health among consumers and increasing regulations, such as the European Union’s proposed law on Genetically Modified Food (GMO) labeling.


At Samjong KPMG, we work with a number of leading food and drink businesses to help manage business and technology risks and increase competitiveness by creating, releasing and protecting value. Our Consumer Markets practice provide clients with in-depth business understanding, industry knowledge and insight, to help them be step ahead.


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