Rewards & Benefits  

Samjong KPMG is well-known for providing not only abundant support for the development of an employee’s career but also, the highest level of treatment and rewards for its employees.


All employees at Samjong KPMG are striving hard to be successful. We provide programs  such as Work & Life balance to help our employees maintain an ideal life balance in and outside of the company. We always endeavor to create a working environment where challenge, reward, meaningfulness and fun co-exist and also believe that members of KPMG can take an interest and contribute to this goal.

Life Balance

Through the specified holiday leave system, Samjong KPMG ensures employees’ leisure life and also actively supports our female employees

Career Benefit

Samjong KPMG runs various support systems in the belief that the development of an individual’s ability is a key determinant

Life Benefit

Our company runs a practical system like ‘Cafeteria Plan’ to show our deep interest in improving the ‘Work & Life Balance’ of our employees.

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