• Service: Advisory
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 2/2/2011

Geothermal market report 

Geothermal market report
KPMG Iceland has just published its report on the international geothermal sector “World Geothermal Market and Outlook” which offers a comprehensive look at the current state of the sector, its future outlook and the key drivers for new investment.

Report structure:

  • KPMG’s geothermal market report compares geothermal energy to other sources of energy, both conventional and renewable, to provide our readers with a clear perspective on the nature of geothermal energy.
  • Our report provides the financial reader with a review of the technologies currently utilized in geothermal development projects as well as emerging technologies on the horizon that could impact the sector in the near future.
  • In our report, we profile fifteen of the most active geothermal developers on the international stage in terms of current installed capacity and those that have the largest project pipeline.
  • We also profile the 24 countries that are currently utilizing geothermal energy for electrical power production as well as 16 other countries that are currently developing geothermal resources for the first time.
  • We look into geothermal power plant financials, capital costs, project financing, development risk as well as risk mitigation.
  • We analyze the current geothermal project pipeline and the estimated increase in global installed capacity to identify which markets are expected to see the most growth in the near future.


If you are interested in the report please contact:

Helgi Rafn Helgason