Tax Flash News

Tax Flash News
Tax laws in India are subject to interpretation by judicial authorities, and changes by way of amendments to the statute. Flash News enables you to stay abreast of the latest developments.
KPMG - India Union Budget 20147/10/2014
Supervisory services provided by a foreign company through its technicians do not constitute a PE in India, however it is taxed as FTS (PDF, 447 KB)7/2/2014
Payments for BSP link services are not ‘Fees for Technical Services’ under India-France tax treaty by virtue of MFN clause (PDF 444 KB)6/24/2014
The MCA provides clarity on Corporate Social Responsibility under the Companies Act, 2013 (PDF, 414 KB)6/23/2014
SEBI issues press release regarding proposed amendments to ESOP guidelines (PDF, 407 KB)6/20/2014
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 Tax and Regulatory 

Enhancing a shareholder's value is a fundamental concept which drives every management effort in the modern business environment. Progressive and bottom-line focussed managements have realized that taxes (both direct and indirect, domestic and international), should be viewed as a dynamic item of cost rather than a passive charge on the profits.

Indeed, an effective tax-cost management provides a distinct competitive advantage. This requires the application of appropriate tax strategies proactively identified and surgically implemented.


We have developed a total tax management capability which encompasses the entire spectrum of direct, indirect and personal taxes. Our approach to tax planning is multi-jurisdictional. We, together with other member firm's offices spread across the globe, can provide quality national and international tax advice.


Our professionals are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds. Industry specialization, service line specialization, international exposure and advanced training equips them to work with our clients and be their advisors in a wide spectrum of their business processes.


Webinar - Companies Act 2013

Webinar - Companies Act 2013
KPMG in India had organized a Webinar on 03 October 2013 to help you get a better understanding of the Companies Act 2013. Click the link above to view the recording of the webinar.