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In a dynamic business environment with growing focus on regulations, it is important to be aware of all the facts pertaining to the entities before entering into any business relationship with them. Associating with a third party without conducting a background check can expose an organization to risk of fraud, litigation, reputational loss, financial damage and, in some cases, termination of business. Moreover, as regulators are focusing on enhanced due diligence on customers and third parties, it has become imperative for organizations to demonstrate a comprehensive and risk-based Know Your Customer (KYC) process to avoid any legal/ regulatory implications.


Our Integrity Due Diligence practice helps in gathering information on specific targets (individuals/ entities) in order to highlight any red-flags that can be potentially damaging to an organization. Our background checks are able to provide wide range of information like shareholding/ ownership structure of an organization, key personnel, pending cases/ litigation, market reputation, business style, regulatory non-compliance, adverse media, credit check, international watch lists, etc.


The Integrity Due Diligence can be undertaken on any prospective third party and in any of the following situations:



  • Investing in a business
  • Acquiring a customer
  • Recruiting new dealers, suppliers, franchisees or distributors
  • Licensing product or services to another company
  • Establishing a strategic alliance or joint venture partnership
  • Acquiring or merging with another business
  • Appointing senior management
  • Entering a foreign market or opening a foreign operation.


We are the market leaders in providing Integrity Due Diligence and Background research services to our clients. We have conducted over 600 enhanced due diligence for clients in India in the last three years and over 2500 online due diligence/ background checks for clients across industries in 125 countries. We have a dedicated 40 member team and are capable of conducting both L1 checks (gathering information from publicly available data) as well as L2 checks (gathering covert information from market intelligence on the targets). In addition, we have the largest vendor network in India to help us collect background information that might not be easily available.


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