Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Services (SSOAS) 

The Indian business environment is changing at an ever accelerating rate with competitive dynamics evolving rapidly. Aligning business strategies to this unpredictable environment is a survival issue.

What differentiates us?

  • KPMG in India’s Performance practice provides advice on strategy development that comes from our deep industry knowledge across various sectors both in the region and globally and demonstrated experience
  • Structured and tested approach to performance analysis and strategy development
  • Informed decisions based on solid understanding of market conditions
  • Objective advice and tailored services: A practical and flexible approach, the scope can be tailored to a client’s specific needs.

Key Offerings

  • Corporate Strategy - Clarification of vision and objectives, identification and evaluation of strategic options and selection of strategies
  • Business Plan Formulation - Development of a business strategy and formulation of the underlying business plan covering market/product/location feasibility
  • Strategy Implementation – Working with our clients to implement the strategy recommendations provided by us and helping them realize the potential benefits