Career Enrichment 

Cross Functional Opportunities
Career mobility at KPMG is not just about working abroad. We recognize that moving to another department down the corridor can be just as beneficial as moving to another country. At KPMG, you have the opportunity to apply for internal vacancies to assist you in maximizing your career.

Global Opportunities

KPMG member firms have global clients with a global outlook. So naturally we need our people to be global thinkers too. Our Global Opportunities program (GO) helps us achieve this, giving you the chance to move from one member firm to another.


KPMG in India`s international transfer and secondment program assists in advancing towards two of its major goals: 

  • The strategic goal of being a leading global organization and 
  • The developmental goal of fulfilling the professional and personal aspirations of its people.
Learning and Development
Training is a vital aspect of an employee’s career at KPMG. KPMG has adopted a blended learning approach to training which includes a vast curriculum for Instructor led trainings, e-courses, assessments, virtual classrooms and other self learning options. All courses offered by the organization meet global standards of curriculum design and delivery.

Learning and Development
Learning initiatives taken by the firm are communicated under the banner of KPMG Business School. The school focuses on 3 different categories of training requirements, namely, Technical, Leadership and Business Skills.

Through the journey an employee embarks on with KPMG, the firm supports the employee to ensure personal and professional development.


In order to provide continuous training and support to help you plan your career and develop skills, we have introduced learning paths across each level and discipline.

Performance management


The Performance Review Process

‘Dialogue’ is KPMG's global performance management process and is supported by a web-based application. It provides a framework for guiding and assessing performance and developing people, and the tools to carry out this process efficiently and effectively.
It enables us to cascade KPMG’s strategic objectives through to team and individual goals to guide performance on the job. It also provides guidance on how we live our values day-to-day by demonstrating the skills and behaviors in our interactions with our clients and each other. 
Dialogue helps us to be successful, both individually and as an organization, by helping ensure we continue to progress and develop.
What does it look like?
Dialogue - KPMG's global performance management process

Dialogue takes each of us through the performance year in a series of steps. It starts with setting your goals with your performance manager, who will help you to align these with KPMG’s overall objectives and strategy. Goal setting helps you identify your priorities for the year. This discussion also identifies some of the best personal and career development opportunities for you, and as you progress through the year, these will be supported with coaching and feedback. 
Interim Review provides an opportunity to review your progress and note achievements in working towards goals, address any needs and obstacles that have arisen, and confirm your focus and direction for the rest of the year
Yearend review allows you to reflect on your progress through feedback and discussion, and take this learning forward into your goals for the next year.
The review process is also used as an input into compensation and promotion decisions.

How does it help me?


Dialogue will help you to:


  • Achieve your goals, through regular discussion and feedback
  • Recognize and leverage your strengths, as these are how you add value to KPMG, and will help you to progress
  • Advance your skills by identifying the useful areas to focus on, and then developing these through coaching or other actions
  • Fulfill your career aspirations, through planning, support and action
  • Be recognized and rewarded for your performance.


To provide you an illustration, an archetypal progression in the Business Performance and Services vertical at KPMG in India will look like this -