By supporting sustainable initiatives in communities where we live and operate, we help address various challenges and concerns being faced. We believe that sustainable relationships play a significant role in bringing about the change we strive for.

To facilitate these we have identified a number of partner organisations (referred to by us as development partners) with whom we share a common vision for progress.

Our support helps them sustain and expand the scope of their work for a diverse beneficiary group.

In the past year we sponsored computer labs, nutrition programmes, sports equipment, learning centres and educational material among others. Each of these has played a role in improving the quality of development partner programmes and is helping build their sustainability.

Employee engagement has always been a priority on our agenda, and this year as well staff across the country volunteered personal time to interact with beneficiaries at development partner sites.

Development Partners

Development Partners

Millennium Development Goals

The United Nations published the MDGs with eight specific and measurable objectives in order to encourage and stimulate individuals and companies to act in favour of positive changes in their local communities.


Our focus MDGs are:


Millenium Development Goals

Our development partners


The Association of People with Disability, Bengaluru

Mobile Creches, Delhi

Child In Need Institute, Kolkata

SOS Children’s Villages of India, Hyderabad and Pune

Mumbai Mobile Creches, Mumbai



  • Mobile Creches, Delhi
    Organises integrated day care programmes and provides a safe and stimulating environment for the children at construction sites and urban slum settlements.




  • Mumbai Mobile Creches, Mumbai
    Runs day care centres at construction sites and provides an environment where young children are given nutrition, healthcare and education.