Building Capacity 

These initiatives work towards strengthening the foundations of the organisations we work with. Realising that a strong foundation is integral to the success of any organisation, we work closely with NGOs and schools to increase the impact of their programmes. Our support includes:


    • Infrastructure support such as vehicles, furniture, libraries
    • IT equipment and software
    • Operational costs
    • Sports equipment
    • Environment projects
    • Nutrition programmes

KPMG’s Family for Literacy Programme

KPMG’s Family for Literacy Programme

Through programmes like KPMG’s Family for Literacy (KFFL), we help build the confidence and interpersonal skills in students. KFFL was started in 2007 by KPMG in the U.S. to promote and improve literacy. Subsequently adopted in KPMG in India, our staff and their families volunteer their time to interact with students in various schools to promote spoken English and life skills.


KPMG’s Family for Literacy Programme gave me the opportunity to work with children and teach them while also learning from them. Spending time with the young, curious, imaginative minds and exploring the world of storytelling with them was for me one of the most fascinating experiences of this programme.

Shalini Pillay
Head of People, Performance and Culture, KPMG in India

Care on Wheels Project

In 2013 we sponsored a mobile bus as part of the Care on Wheels project of Mumbai Mobile Creches. The bus will reach out to smaller construction sites where formal centres are difficult to establish to provide education, nutrition and healthcare to the children at these sites.

Case study: Shishu Mandir

Since 2013 we have supported Shishu Mandir, a school in Bengaluru, that provides free education and a broad support system to children from economically weaker sections of society.


Our initiatives include:


  • Regular volunteering activities with students including spoken English sessions, carnivals, educational visits, craft and sports activities
  • Pro bono projects
  • Supported the education and holistic development of girls under our Scholars’ Programme
  • Provided two vehicles for their operations
  • Funded solar and rainwater harvesting projects
  • Supported the International School Awards programme of the British Council
  • Over 200 children provided with a nutritious breakfast
  • Funded salaries of English teachers and a librarian.

Some of the NGOs and schools we work with

Some of the NGOs and schools we work with
Saath Charitable Trust

Delhi NCR
The Happy School
Literacy India
Mobile Creches

The Vidya School


Kamla High School
Mumbai Mobile Creches

Samaritan Help Mission

SOS Children’s Villages of India

Tara Mobile Creches

Hope foundation School
Shishu Mandir

Hope foundation School

SOS Children’s Villages of India

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