Our commitment towards the environment follows KPMG International’s framework, which includes investing in responsible energy consumption, working with leadership groups to address issues such as climate change and its impact, and helping our own people act in a sustainable way in their professional and personal lives.


Environment projects

We support a number of environmental projects such as rainwater harvesting units, and solar installations in local communities, educational institutions and NGOs.


Environment campaigns were organised to encourage our people to use video conferencing facilities and reduce travel wherever possible. Our volunteering initiatives over the year have included a number of tree planting drives across locations.

Energy saving solutions

Energy saving solutions at our offices help reduce our electricity consumption. We have installed a number of energy saving solutions. Server virtualisation was also introduced at our offices this year.


  • 3M film is an energy management window film with up to 77% heat rejection
  • Occupancy sensors reduce energy consumption in building spaces by automatically shutting off lights when an area is not in use
  • Server virtualisation helps save power and lowers energy consumption
  • Coolites improve the performance of lighting systems, without a noticeable drop in lumen output, and lower energy consumption
  • Air conditioning energy savers help reduce energy consumption by preventing wastage of electricity