Global Green Initiative

The Global Green Initiative was launched by KPMG International in 2008 to tackle the challenges posed by climate change. After completing phase one of this initiative, KPMG member firms are aiming for a 15 per cent reduction in net emissions per Full Time Equivalent by 2015, from an updated 2010 baseline. Our offices across India are equipped with energy saving solutions that keep electricity usage to a minimum and help prevent wastage. Such solutions keep our carbon emissions in check and help us be more environmentally responsible in our everyday lives.


As part of our celebrations for 20 years of KPMG in India, we inaugurated 17 environment projects across ten locations in India at schools, colleges and NGOs. These projects included both solar and rainwater harvesting projects.

Drip Irrigation project

In 2014, as part of our World Environment Day celebrations, we have supported a ‘Drip Irrigation’ project at the Biodiversity park in Gurgaon. This project aims at increasing the efficiency of water management in an area of the Biodiversity Park, which will impact approximately 18,000 plants. Before this project, water for the plants was carried in 10 litre watering cans in a tanker through the park which led to a lot of wastage of resources. In addition, since the park is situated at the foot of the Aravali Mountains, the terrain is rocky and devoid of much soil which also posed a challenge. By helping water reach the roots of the plants directly through a ‘drip line’ network, it is currently estimated that we shall be helping save about 4 million litres annually.

Energy Saving Solutions at Our Offices

Case study: Iamgurgaon

As part of our environment programmes, we work with the organisation ‘iamgurgaon’ at the Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon. Iamgurgaon is an NGO which aims to bring together residents, corporate organisations, schools and NGOs in Gurgaon to tackle environment issues.


  • Pro bono support to develop a fundraising strategy for the NGO
  • Sponsoring a nursery at the Biodiversity Park dedicated towards preserving flora that is typical to the region
  • Volunteering for tree planting drives and providing support to the nursery
  • Supporting the planting of over 5000 saplings since 2012