We recognise that lack of education through social and economic disadvantage is the greatest barrier to employment and progress. Recognising the transformational potential it holds, we support diverse initiatives that impact students at schools and colleges across the country. These include support for both local programmes, addressing lack of access to education, and those supported by several member firms across the world such as Enactus and Junior Achievement Worldwide.
We are helping change the lives of disadvantaged students through mentoring, literacy and scholarship programmes. A clear understanding of the business and economic environment is crucial, and our programmes are helping build this. We help students boost their self-confidence and build interpersonal skills by contributing our time, and sharing our experiences with students. A focus on English and Information Technology is critical to success of individuals, and we support a number of initiatives at our partner organisations.


Our commitment to these initiatives helps us contribute towards developing a strong talent pool in India, a crucial factor in the progress of a nation.


KPMG's Family for Literacy Programme




Junior Achievement India


University Scholarships


Partner school program

KPMG's Family for Literacy Programme

KPMG’s Family for Literacy programme seeks to promote and improve literacy in local communities, and reaffirms our commitment to youth and education. It was started in 2007 in the United States and has been adapted in India to focus on spoken English skills among school children.


Family for Literacy programme


Started in April 2011, this is led by spouses of the firm’s partners. It was initiated in Delhi at The Vidya School and was extended to St. Joseph's High School in Mumbai. Each weekly session includes interactive activities focused on spoken English. Volunteers have found creative ways to engage students and ensure the right balance between fun and learning. They work toward identifying each student’s particular strengths and interests and finding a way to nurture these.


Our support has also been supplemented by contributions towards books, stationery and uniforms. The programme has been well received by faculty and students, and we plan to extend this to other cities over the coming year.




Enactus, is an international non-profit organisation that brings together university students and business leaders to make a difference in their communities. Supported by KPMG firms in over 30 countries, it offers students the chance to work on community outreach projects while developing the skills to become socially responsible leaders.


Our local involvement included setting up and coordinating the programme in Delhi. Our employees spend time mentoring Enactus teams on various aspects of their projects such as financial planning, expansion strategy and supply chain management.


We regularly develop and conduct training programmes for teams, which include interactive sessions and case studies, across the country with a focus on the Enactus criterion.


Enactus 2011

Doug McMillon, President and CEO, Walmart International and Rupendra Singh at a panel discussion at the Enactus World Cup. The discussion was centred around harnessing the creative power of entrepreneurship and business to eliminate poverty and improve communities


We have organised the Enactus Delhi regional competition since 2007. In 2011, over 60 staff volunteered their time as judges, scorers and volunteers at competitions across cities. In addition, representatives from our HR team provided students with career guidance.


The Enactus India winner at the National Competition 2011, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, from Delhi represented India at the Enactus World Cup, (the global culmination of national competitions, in Kuala Lumpur). Our people have mentored the team since its inception in 2009. We were delighted that the team progressed to the semi-final round.


Junior Achievement India

"The time spent with students has been very encouraging – they are inquisitive, very sharp, and absorb information very quickly. Our team feels very proud to be associated with the Junior Achievement programme and we are very happy that we took the decision to commit our time to this."

Mohit Bahl

Transaction Services - KPMG in India


We support Junior Achievement (JA) India, an organisation focused on introducing students to the working world. JA programmes help prepare young people for the real world by improving their understanding of the workplace, the various factors impacting it, and the possible roles they can play.


The programme focuses on practical education about the economy and business and aims to encourage entrepreneurial spirit, and personal development, and facilitate access to the employment market for school students. It gives students a better understanding of the vast number of employment opportunities available to them.


Junior Achievement


Our people are involved with the programme in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. It is a matter of great pride for us that this year our staff helped initiate the JA Mini Factory Model programme across cities in India. Our volunteers were delighted to see the enthusiasm and passion for learning demonstrated by students.


Junior Achievement


The Transactions and Restructuring team has led the way by volunteering for this initiative and offering their consistent support as mentors for students.

University scholarships

Our scholarship programme is in line with our giving back to the communities where we work. These scholarships provide economic assistance for motivated underprivileged students to help meet academic and living expenses. It enables disadvantaged young students to complete their university studies.

Education Scholarships


To add value to our support, volunteers also spend time with the students, conducting sessions on relevant topics such as communication, careers and professional development.


Partner school programme

Our partner school programme helps us live our vision of impacting the welfare of schools that we support through a continuing multi-faceted relationship with the children. Our current partner schools, the HOPE foundation school (Chennai) Literacy India (Delhi) and St. Joseph’s High School (Mumbai) provide education to students from diverse backgrounds.


Our programme support is supplemented by infrastructural improvements at the schools to enhance learning conditions. Our people volunteer their time to engage with the children as part of fun and interactive sessions.