What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a management methodology meant to drive process improvements in the organization through quantitative approach. Six Sigma has kept its edge while some other management approaches are in perishable stage or already perished due to following reasons:

  1. The quantitative analytics – that we cannot remove from the business environment
  2. There is no other tangible benefits apart from the actual improvement which the organization realizes during the Six Sigma journey.

Green Belt Certification Program 

Reaching pinnacles of business success is fostered not only by clear business strategies but also helping to ensuring that such strategies are effectively implemented.


In the current economic scenario where as a country we are looking at continuous economic growth during next few years, it is very important that we do not fall from the existing position. One of the important aspects required for that is to increase the quantum of quantitative decisions and thus increasing the authenticity and intent of the decision.


In today's business environment there is a lot of focus on business strategy formulation, but there seems to be lack in the strategy execution model. As a result some excellent business strategies fail.


KPMG facilitates the process of effectively implementing the strategies through methodical improvement programs such as the Lean Six Sigma Performance Improvement framework (LSSPI) - that is used to help organizations link their business imperatives to departmental deliverables. LSSPI uses this methodology to further align departmental objectives to process improvement projects.

What is KPMG's LSSPI?

KPMG’s LSSPI is the strategy for partnering with the organization in creating process improvement processes to deliver the organization goals, primarily the financial goals. It is amalgamation of Lean and Six Sigma concepts.


We believe that we can partner with the organization in this regard and facilitate the organization to meet the growth plan.



Offerings by KPMG


Organization wise corporate deployment: (which includes)

Understanding the Organization, Culture and their Requirements
Provide Champions and Sponsors Training
Provide Green Belt and Black Belt Training
Provide Master Black Belt Training
Lean Practitioner Training
Lean Associate Training
Facilitate Project Selections
Assess the Project Progress
Mentor wherever Required

Note: Services are also provided in parts as per the organization requirement


Public Programs - for private participants are:

Green Belt Training Program
Green Belt Project Certification Program
Black Belt Training & Certification Program
Lean Practitioner Training Program



KPMG’s Green Belt Training Details: 4 days program



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KPMG’s Black Belt Training Content : 15 days in three phases



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Lean Training Contents>




Practitioner Training : 4 days



 Day 1

Understand Six sigma and Lean
Understand Lean with Strategy
Project/Opportunity Selection
Basics of Lean
Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
Work Out Session
Total Process Management
Understanding MUDA/MURI
Workout session
Sequence of Events
Physical Layout

 Day 2

Understanding Identifying CTQs
KANO Model
Indepth Understanding of Data Collection Plan
Value Steam Mapping
Product Family Matrix
Sequence of Events
Process Mapping
Workout Session
Types of Waste
Product Family Matrix
Affinity Diagrams
Tree Diagrams
Balance Flow

Day 3

5 S
Material Management
Visual Management
Kaizen Events
Mistake Proofing
Workout Session
Matrix Diagrams
Prioritization Matrix
Customer and Share Holder Value Creation
Process Decision Program Charts
Interrelationship Digraphs

Day 4

Lateral Thinking
Matrix Diagram
Quality Control Process Charts
Workout Session

Day 4

Written Assessment
Lean Associate Training – 1 day training



 Day 1

Understand Lean
When to Implement Lean
Role of the Associates
Lateral Thinking
Process Mapping
Under In-depth the Data Collection Plan
Brain Storming
Understand the Measurement and Metric
Jargons used in Lean
Pitfalls in Lean

Key benefits for organization



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What is Lean?

LEAN is about the optimization of the process with respect to cost, resources and time. This model is adequately and efficiently integrated with Six Sigma as it is very important to quantify the system before making it LEAN. Quantification is done based on the Six Sigma frame work.