Press Releases - 2009 

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Press Releases - 2009
Governments increasingly becoming receptive to entrepreneurial demands: KPMG & TiE report (PDF, 23 KB)12/21/2009
KPMG reports 2009 revenues of USD 20.1 billion (PDF, 33 KB)12/17/2009
KPMG in India wins award for Indirect Tax Firm of the year at International Tax Review’s annual award ceremony (PDF, 21 KB)11/27/2009
KPMG and NIIT Imperia collaborate to launch Advanced Certificate Program on IFRS (PDF, 49 KB)11/4/2009
Pressing need to review legal and regulatory framework to tackle non-genuine software issues (PDF, 37 KB)8/26/2009
Confidence in the BRIC service sector rebounds from post-financial crisis low (PDF, 128 KB)5/14/2009
Need for moderate regulations, but exemplary enforcement and stronger regulatory review (PDF, 27 KB)5/6/2009
70% retailers say slowdown has adversely affected footfalls: KPMG study (PDF, 27 KB)3/31/2009
Transportation, Power and Social Infrastructure need significant push: KPMG global survey (PDF, 27 KB)3/12/2009
Media & Entertainment Industry projected to grow at 12.5% over next five years to INR 1052 bn: FICCI-KPMG report (PDF, 46 KB)2/17/2009
Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Nagpur amongst 31 emerging cities globally for the IT / BPO industry - KPMG Report (PDF, 30 KB)2/11/2009
KPMG in India launches IFRS Institute (PDF, 29 KB)2/2/2009
Stringent ‘threat analysis’ and multi layered security approach required for Indian companies: KPMG survey report 2009 (PDF, 29 KB)1/16/2009