Press Releases - 2006 

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Press Releases - 2006
Basel II - Revolution Disguised as Regulation (PDF, 41 KB)11/22/2006
KPMG white paper says effective Fraud Risk Management must address regulatory requirements, Marketplace needs (PDF, 33 KB)11/6/2006
The Indian pharma industry is currently worth US$6 billion: KPMG Report (PDF, 37 KB)6/8/2006
EU leads world in race to cut company tax: KPMG Corporate Tax Rate Survey 2006 (PDF, 26 KB)5/22/2006
Private sector holds the key to meeting Indian energy demand: KPMG Report (PDF, 45 KB)4/3/2006
Retail Financial sector at highest risk of Fraud: KPMG Study (PDF, 45 KB)3/23/2006
KPMG Expands its Operations in India (PDF, 33 KB)2/6/2006