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    Welcome to the KPMG knowledge base of articles and publications that demonstrate our understanding of many of the complex business challenges and key issues faced by companies around the world.
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    Doing business under the UK Bribery Act Survey 2012

    KPMG in India's Doing business under the UK Bribery Act Survey
    Modified date: 11/20/2014
    Survey report

    India Fraud Survey Report 2010

    KPMG’s India Survey Report 2010 is an effort to provide a clear picture of what really happens in corporates today.
    Modified date: 10/8/2014
    Survey report

    India Anti-Money Laundering Survey 2012

    Post India’s membership to the FATF, the focus on anti-money laundering (AML) initiatives has increased the execution is found wanting.
    Modified date: 4/10/2014
    Survey report