• Industry: Financial Services, Banking
  • Date: 7/25/2013

Profiling the leadership landscape 

In the recent past, KPMG has partnered with leading public sector organisations across a variety of sectors including banking and financial services to identify key challenges, develop and implement platforms that have helped build greater institutional strength and prepare them to leverage the opportunities. The People & Change Advisory team has worked closely with some of the largest PSUs in the country in helping build organisational capability with specific focus on Leadership. We have assessed and helped develop more than 1375 leaders (top 3 levels of management) from these organisations. Based on our findings, we have developed a ‘Leadership Competency Model’ for the public sector banks which identifies key requirements for leaders to be successful, current gaps that we have observed through our in-depth assessments and learning methods that can be used to increase the overall leadership capability.
Profiling the leadership landscape
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