• Industry: Education
  • Date: 12/6/2011

Indian Higher Education - The defining years : Why and how of participating in the sector for a foreign player 

Foreign Education Providers Bill 2010 (FEB) has created a lot of interest in universities looking at India, lack of clarity in requirements and whether the bill will ever become an act have been dampeners. Foreign varsities are skeptical about the practical viability of setting up a campus in India. The Bill mandates that each university has to maintain a corpus of INR 50 crore and the profit that the varsity makes has to be ploughed back into their branch in India. This report makes gives a detailed and a section wise analysis of FEB – in terms of ownership and partner-related assurances, regulation, finances and repatriation for investment protection, curriculum ownership, operational compliances and a conducive environment to bring the best faculty – apart from creating a supportive Industry sector participation is the need of the hour.