• Service: Advisory, Performance & Technology, IT Advisory
  • Industry: Technology
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2/14/2012

Hub and Spoke operating model - A new business paradigm for the Indian IT-BPO Industry 

While the Global Delivery Model pioneered by Indian IT companies led the explosive growth in the outsourcing industry in earlier decades, challenging times are compelling technology majors to innovate in terms of how they deliver their services. Today, what is rapidly emerging as the predominant service delivery model in the IT industry, and has been successfully leveraged in other industries, is the Hub & Spoke. This report provides a comprehensive understanding of the Hub and Spoke model starting with its evolution, key characteristics, benefits, challenges and factors critical to its success. This report also highlights how, given its existing dominance and proficiency in IT outsourcing, India can function as a global Hub for technology companies worldwide.