Verifications Services 

Verification Services


Many employers discover rather late; that they have hired a critical resource with significant discrepancies in their resumes like fake education degrees, fictitious experience certificates or one with past criminal records. KPMG's Verifications practice helps organizations in conducting background checks of prospective employees which can assist in taking the right hiring decision. We provide a complete range of pre-employment screening services in a flexible, timely and cost effective manner.

Our key services include:

  • Education Verification: To authenticate the educational details, qualifications and other certificates mentioned by the candidate directly from the Colleges or Universities.


  • Employment Verification: There has been a significant increase in companies which offer fictitious experience certificates for a fee and with our help our clients can be made aware of these scheming companies upfront. With ex-employers being able to reveal the highest discrepant component, our check helps to get information on the candidate’s previous employment, dates of employment, last position held and reason for leaving.


  • Reference Verification: To ascertain the candidate’s credentials, skills, strengths and weakness by speaking to the references provided to both personal and professional reference.


  • Criminal Record Verification: To check for any history of crime through police stations for police records and court of law for any court record pertaining to criminal or civil litigation.


  • Address Verification: This helps clients judge the authenticity of the current and the permanent address of the candidate.


  • Work Place Drug testing: A must these days for employees working on key information and those deputed on client site(s).


  • Database Verification: To ascertain if the candidate has been reported on any of the Regulatory, Compliance and Sanctions list globally covering sources like OFAC-SDN, FBI, Interpol, EU, UN Sanctions etc to name a few. In addition we also cover global web & media search, cross directorship search to name a few.

These checks can be carried forth discreetly or with consent. For undertaking various checks, we have established contacts with University/College officials, police authorities and also have access to reputed law firms in India through whom we undertake criminal checks using court records.


In conducting these checks, we are aided by our dedicated verifications center, a 500 seater centralized operations hub at Pune, which follows stringent quality processes and controls. It is certified ISO 27001 by the British Standards Institution. We process over 30,000 checks per month spread across the globe covering 240 countries through our global network and strategic alliance with LexisNexis. In addition we also offer a 24x7 user friendly online application - KCheck - that allows you to review the status of your case online and download the reports thereafter.


We have added over 50,000 employers in our database and has identified over 600 ambiguous employers.

We helped a leading information technology and off-shoring services provider in deciding whether or not to hire a seemingly accomplished candidate. Click on Case Study to read the details.


Case Study

The client, a leading information technology and off-shoring services provider, had engaged us to undertake screening for over 5000 candidates per year. There were several instances of candidates providing false/exaggerated details pertaining to salary, tenure with the previous company, fake/forged/incorrect education degree certificates/mark sheet etc. However, one instance is particularly significant.


A candidate had exaggerated his designation and tenure of employment and his previous employer confirmed this. Additionally, they also stated that the candidate was asked to leave since he was involved in fraudulent activities and that they had taken legal action against him. He was subsequently imprisoned for over 9 months. While undertaking a criminal check of the said candidate, we also found that he had several criminal cases pending against him in the High Courts.

Our comprehensive report and supporting documents helped the client take a better informed hiring decision.



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