Corporate Citizenship 

Rupendra Singh

Corporate Citizenship in India has seen tremendous growth over the last year with the steady support of our leadership, and the enthusiasm and commitment of our people. By choosing to work in the areas of capacity building at schools, colleges and communities, as well as environmental sustainability, we are focusing our people’s skills and resources to find sustainable solutions to the issues faced.


Some of the new projects we undertook in 2013 showcase the increasing scope and impact of our Corporate Citizenship initiatives. Key highlights include:


  • 17 environment projects supported across India
  • The inauguration of a Resource Centre at a college in New Delhi to aid visually impaired students in their education
  • Support towards disaster relief work in Uttarakhand
  • The sponsoring of a 'Care on Wheels' vehicle in Mumbai which is helping an NGO extend its programmes to remote areas of the city


Employee engagement continues to be a source of inspiration for our programmes, and over the last year our people have volunteered over 31000 hours of their time to make a difference at the various NGOs, schools and colleges we work with across cities. We look forward to focusing on new ways to extend our programmes and enhance the impact of our initiatives to reach a greater number of beneficiaries in 2014.


We hope you find our website informative and look forward to hearing from you.


Rupendra Singh
KPMG Foundation in India

Annual Report 2014


Michael Hastings
Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick, CBE,
Global Head of Citizenship,
KPMG International


There is a good reason for businesses to do well with profit as well as with service;

it is so that businesses can take the lead in empowering change in the world. There

is a critical paradigm shift today where business has to take the lead in engaging

governments, communities and other critical civil society organisations to be able to

facilitate dialogue and develop solutions to solve the bigger issues that challenge

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