Valuations and Employee Compensation 


Valuation Services

Today’s global environment has elevated the importance of valuations that support financial reporting, tax planning, litigation, and mergers and acquisitions.

KPMG’s team can help you address your valuation requirements with greater efficiency and confidence.

Our services include:

  • Valuations for transaction and for tax purposes
  • Valuations of intangible assets and Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)
  • Impairment of goodwill examinations in accordance with relevant accounting standards (IFRS and US GAAP)
  • Pricing financial instruments, complex derivatives and employee stock options


Employee Compensation Services

Recent market and regulatory trends increase the need for a more rigorous approach towards HR costs. Specific emphasis is placed on compensation of senior executives.

KPMG has gained over 15 years of experience in providing employee compensation advisory services to local and multinational companies.

The KPMG approach combines our core accounting and tax expertise with the required knowledge of HR finance and regulatory issues.

Our services include:

  • Total compensation structuring and alignment to regulatory requirements
  • Equity based compensation planning and other LTIs
  • Building bonus plans
  • Benchmark data collection and analysis
  • Advice to compensation committees and boards of directors