Transaction Services 

83% of recent deals failed to deliver shareholder value, and 53 percent actually destroyed value (according to KPMG studies). What’s the reason? Too much focus on closing a deal and less focus on making it successful.


Our Transaction Services advisors provide support by placing a strong emphasis on stakeholder value and identifying key risks and benefits early on. This assists companies to complete successful transactions that result from clear-eyed analysis, strategic focus and disciplined execution. It is where KPMG can make a difference.

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How can we help?

We are NOT just a standard financial and tax due diligence provider - KPMG’s Transaction Services practice helps clients plan and complete major business transactions. And we are committed to building a “Trusted Advisor” relationship with our clients. We operate efficiently, providing solid support from the inception of the deal, throughout the full due diligence phase, to controlled negotiations and successful closing, as well as post-transaction integration. Whether buying or selling a business or a major asset, performing a valuation, undertaking a merger, or performing an IPO can all demolish value unless planned and conducted effectively. Difficulties and risks are compounded when deals cover multiple jurisdictions. KPMG’s Transaction Services professionals can advise on each of the many critical concerns below:

  • Finding the right opportunities at the right price
  • Securing solid finance
  • Obtaining stakeholder buy-in
  • Due-diligence for the buyer and seller
  • Performing timely and robust due diligence
  • Aligning deals with strategic business objectives
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Realizing business synergies
  • Extracting value from business integration.



  • Creating Value - Our aim is to create and preserve value for our firms’ clients. We work with clients to assess and analyze proposed transactions, highlighting the value drivers, risks and opportunities in the deal. We remain involved through the life cycle of the deal. We help develop appropriate accounting, finance and tax structures as well as advising on post-deal and integration strategies.
  • A Trusted Team - Large or small, simple or complex — we bring commercial knowledge, industry insight, robust analytical skills and a deep accounting and technical heritage to our engagements. We foster an environment of innovation, open communication, cooperation, integrity and respect. For clients, we believe we are a valuable source of information, contacts and business opportunity.
  • Global Reach - KPMG’s Transaction Services team is a trusted adviser to many of the world’s leading corporations and financial investors. Our network comprises of 3,500 transaction professionals with Transaction advisory skills and experience working with our firms’ clients to preserve and create value in major business transactions.