Corporate Finance 

In major transactions, choosing the right adviser can be the difference between success and failure.

Big transactions invariably give rise to serious structuring, pricing, tax, accounting, reporting and financial risk issues.

These transactions can occur in mergers and acquisitions, divestments and capital raisings. Issues also arise with corporate restructurings and changes in business strategy.

While there is no shortage of advice on these matters, much of it has strings attached.

Prudent companies seek impartial and objective advice from finance professionals who understand their issues and the marketplace.

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How we can help

We aim to provide objective advice on a range of financial transactions undertaken by corporations and financial institutions. KPMG's Corporate Financiers are fluent and insightful across an array of products in today's increasingly complex global financial markets. We support our clients through a highly flexible and configurable service backed by KPMG’s global reach, industry and technical knowledge and advice that is clear and concise.


Most importantly, we are never a debt or equity participant in the transactions on which we advise. That is what objectivity and professional integrity is really all about. In our role as financial advisor, KPMG member firms work on equity and debt transactions undertaken in the world’s key markets for clients operating in every sector. Our consulting services cover a wide range of corporate finance activity.
We provide advice for buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders and financial investors in:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • IPO Sponsorship & Advice
  • Exit Advisory
  • Private Equity Services
  • Financial Modeling
  • Public Procurements (BOT + PFI)
  • Alliances and Joint Ventures
  • Financial and Consulting support
  • Market and Industry sector studies



  • Deep Understanding - Our professionals’ advice is supported by a true understanding and deep knowledge of the issues and challenges faced by our firms’ clients, global execution capability, connectivity with the financial market and negotiation prowess.
  • Global Reach - Our respected Corporate Finance team comprises more than 2,300 professionals - including former investment bankers and senior government officials, along with lawyers, economists, business analysts and accountants — working collaboratively from 105 offices in 60 countries across the globe.
  • Experience - Together, our firms’ Corporate Financiers have advised on or arranged critical and sensitive equity and debt transactions valued in the multi billions in every sector for some of the world’s largest corporations, financial institutions and governments.
  • Objectivity & Loyalty - KPMG firms will see things from your perspective, advocate for your position, challenge conventional wisdom and employ creativity and skill in devising and executing a favorable solution. One of our key measures of success is the achievement of your goals. Because KPMG firms are not dealers in securities or arrangers of other financial transactions, our Corporate Financiers can remain indifferent to how, you choose to meet your goals. We ensure that our advice to you is free from client or motivational conflicts. We will always seek to develop a long term relationship with you to help meet your needs beyond the immediate transaction.