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KPMG’s Real Estate tax group comprises an experienced team of tax advisers and operates as a 32-county practice, giving direct access to Irish and UK tax advice in the same firm.

Irish and UK real estate

In addition to offering a range of services to our property clients in relation to Irish real estate, we can apply our unique knowledge of UK tax issues in addressing UK property investment opportunities via our Belfast office. We can coordinate the service delivery of accounting, finance, construction and surveying professionals to provide vast strength and depth of experience in the property sector.


International investors

We advise Irish based and international investors on structuring Irish property investments using the Irish CGT exemptions and certain qualified investment funds (QIFs) and gross roll-up funds.


We work to help maximise the after tax return from property transactions and to help minimise the risks involved. We provide a wide range of services to a variety of clients, including international investors (both corporate and individual), investors (both professional and private), syndicate organisers and “land rich” businesses, such as utilities and financial institutions. We advise international buyers of Irish property/debt and can help you to understand the recent changes in the taxation of Irish property.


Our services include:

  • Structuring property acquisitions, disposals and joint ventures
  • Property funds / QIFs / Gross roll-up funds / s110 vehicles
  • Foreign property investment
  • Capital allowances / tax depreciation
  • Refinancing & restructuring transactions
  • Value added tax (VAT) & stamp duty
  • Tax incentive based projects / Investor syndicates
  • Revenue audits
  • Wealth preservation / Cash extraction / Pension based property investments
  • Profit allocation


Further information

If you require further information on property tax issues, please contact Jim Clery or any member of our tax team.


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