Transfer Pricing 

What is transfer pricing?

Transfer pricing refers to the prices at which related entities (e.g. a parent company and its subsidiary) set the price that they pay each other for goods, services, the use of money, intangible assets, and similar transactions.

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing rules require that transactions between associated persons should take place at arm’s length. In other words, the results of the transaction should be consistent with the results that would have been realised if independent parties had engaged in the same transaction under the same circumstances.


Our transfer pricing team

KPMG’s transfer pricing team has considerable experience helping clients understand, plan for and deal with the complex and dynamic issues surrounding transfer pricing.


We are part of a worldwide network of global transfer pricing services (GTPS) professionals from KPMG member firms around the world who offer experienced local resources and essential local knowledge within a global framework, allowing us to formulate tax efficient, commercially viable transfer pricing strategies. 


How KPMG can help

We provide advice on all aspects of transfer pricing, including:


  • Design and implementation of transfer pricing policies
    We help multinationals develop and implement commercially sensible transfer pricing policies and modify existing policies to reflect changes in local law or business circumstances.

  • Compliance and documentation
    We help multinationals design and implement global compliance policies and procedures and prepare local documentation for a strong, first-line defence against tax authority challenges.

  • Dispute resolution
    When tax authority challenges arise, we can help companies respond with detailed, authoritative economic justifications for existing transfer prices.


Frequently asked questions

Find out more in our transfer pricing FAQ.


Further information

If you require further information on transfer pricing issues, please contact Warren Novis or any member of our tax team.