Outsourcing Advisory Services 

KPMG's Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory practice has been ranked among the top four world's best outsourcing advisors, by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®), since the list's inception in 2009.


Criteria used for ranking includes size, growth, global presence, customer references, company recognitions and certifications, employee management, and executive leadership.

Procurement - six key challenges

Many companies are considering outsourcing their IT and back-office functions or establishing shared services centres for major business processes.


In many instances the rationale for outsourcing can be cost efficiency, business effectiveness, and cost optimisation. However, increasingly the positioning for future growth and obtaining strategic advantage is a key driver.


The effective engagement and management of the outsource suppliers is critical. Sourcing high quality services at the right cost is an increasingly complex challenge, requiring informed decisions regarding in-house versus outsourced, type of service provider, commercials, governance and change management.


We provide independent multi-disciplinary end-to-end assistance with:

  • Sourcing Preparation – Defining the strategy and target benefits, risk analysis and mitigation planning, scope definition and business case preparation

  • Sourcing Selection – Procurement process definition, detailed service requirements, procurement documentation, engaging the market, supplier evaluation and selection, commercial negotiation, defining supplier management and governance, and supporting contract negotiation

  • Transition Management – Due diligence completion, service level agreement confirmation, readiness review and service acceptance, and business continuity

  • Delivery Management – Establishing the supplier management organisation and processes, establishing and reviewing financial controls, and independent service delivery assessment

  • Service Evolution – Benefits review, portfolio management, definition and assurance of service improvement programmes, change management, contract change negotiation, and re-competition

  • Assessment and Development – Overall sourcing performance assessments and benchmarking