Financial Management 

KPMG’s Financial Management team can help clients align their finance organisations with the strategies and needs of their businesses to realise and sustain value over the long term.

Financial Management

    KPMG’s considerable capabilities in the core drivers of change — process, organisation, information technology, and risk and control — can help companies to transform their finance capabilities to drive business value across the enterprise while seeking to ensure the integrity of the processes and information delivered to key stakeholders.


    Our professionals have extensive experience and work collaboratively with clients, helping them with:


    • Finance reporting — aligning budgeting and forecasting processes with strategic business goals
    • Finance function optimisation — “right sizing” the finance organisation’s cost base to release capital or otherwise meet stakeholder objectives
    • Finance strategy — developing a finance vision and strategy, which often involves an analysis of current processes, organisational structures, skills and competencies, information technology enablement, governance, operating environment/culture and business linkage
    • Finance function integration — advising on mergers of finance organisations, shortly after a deal is finalised or years after many mergers have been executed
    • Business performance management and business intelligence — analysing the way our clients conduct and drive business performance by developing an efficient, effective and sustainable performance
    • Cash management — helping clients design and embed approaches to develop and implement visibility, control and generation of cash across the business.


    What's in it for you?

    • Establishing a clearly articulated global finance vision and strategy, aligned to business needs, enables finance to deliver business value to all stakeholders
    • Creating the appropriate finance operating model provides flexibility to deal with future organisational changes
    • Standardising and automating processes leads to greater efficiencies and increased productivity
    • Faster, more accurate reporting and forecasting, aligned to clear business metrics, enables informed strategic decisions and improved business performance
    • Maximising the finance function's performance significantly increases its value to the business.


    Why KPMG?

    • Our teams have the insight and experience to help the finance team to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
    • We have a well-established track record helping  finance teams to successfully design and deliver a strategy that complements the overall organisation.
    • We focus on the issues that matter to finance and then ensure that the business benefits from the value that finance can bring to the business.
    • We ensure effective mitigation of risk with practical and appropriate control through the business.

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