Valuation assurance for alternative investments 

The KPMG iRadar is a cutting-edge combination of specialists’ know-how and software intelligence.

What can you expect?

  • Independent assurance
  • Transparent approach
  • Easy to read reporting package
  • Tangible results
  • Market differentiator and marketing instrument
  • Industry best practice benchmarking of administrators processes
  • One consistent valuation approach across funds
  • Reports detailing discretionary level of assurance


What do you get?

    • Fund coverage of a fund’s financial instruments
    • Advance valuation techniques
    • Compliance with ISAE 3000 standards
    • Apllication of security, quality and independence standards for audit firms
    • On site workshop
    • Assurance report and detailed analytics for internal use


How does it work?

 Fund data upload

  • No specific format required
  • Secure interface
  • Generally accepted data integrity

 Data mapping

  • Mapping to the KPMG iRadar specific tables
  • Quality check done by KPMG iRadar

Independent valuation

  • Over 10 years in production
  • 30+specialists involved
  • Over 500 clients in 20 countries
  • 40,000 portfolios processed annually
  • 250,000 securities analysed in database

Assurance package

  • Tailored quarterly assurance reporting
  • Detailed results and analytics
  • Regular on-site workshops
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Process benchmarking
  • Industry best practice recommendations


  • Advisor
  • Investor
  • Director
  • Administrator
  • Manager

Local contact

  • Local client support
  • Communication of results

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Darina Barrett

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Frank Gannon 

Frank Gannon

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