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What Differentiates the KPMG Audit?

  • A keen awareness of our responsibilities to the shareholders and other stakeholders who are likely to rely on your financial statements as a basis for many of their decisions – hence the paramount importance we attach to the maintenance of our independence.
  • Our top-down approach to audit planning, which means that we gain detailed knowledge of the Fund’s risks and their impact on the procedures and controls used to manage them.
  • Our bottom-up approach to reporting, which is designed to ensure that our audit findings are promptly reported back to management.
  • Timely and effective communications underpinned by honest and open feedback to you throughout the year.
  • Our primary focus on the audit opinion and the fair presentation of financial statements. The principle at the heart of our audit is simple: an auditor’s judgement about the financial statements must be grounded in an intimate knowledge of your industry.

    Integrated teams of professionals from our Audit, Tax and Advisory functions provide our clients with wide-ranging advice on the markets in which they operate, and offer strategies spanning the fund lifecycle from value creation to realisation.

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